How Remote Learning Compares to Online Learning

“Many active members of the tutorial community, including a number of us, are hotly debating the terminology in social media,” write the authors of the EDUCAUSE report. “’Emergency remote teaching’ has emerged as a standard alternative term employed by online education researchers and professional practitioners to draw a transparent contrast with what many folks know as high-quality online education.” 

At its most elementary , remote learning is essentially like the other sort of telework. Workloads which may normally be attended face to face and in real time are instead conducted online, with workers counting on mainstay collaboration tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex for videoconferencing, along side other team-oriented, multiuser platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. Participants are, essentially, making do with the tools they need at their disposal, and they’re doing so on a dime. 

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