Classes with less number will be closed and merged with other nearby schools. Classes with less than 20 Std. 6, 7 will be locked. Start of merging schools in different districts of the state: In the village or other near the village.  The order to merge the school has been issued to Navgujarat Time> Ahmedabad.  In schools with a large number of students, the work of Std. 8 has also started.  The merger will have to start a gradual class from Std. 1 in the state at present.  Instructions have been made by the department for.  According to which the classes of 8 primary schools in the state are running, as a result of which the number of children in the schools where the number of children in Std. 6 and Std. 8 is higher among the closed schools of Std. 8 and 9 of many other schools in the same village.  Will be convenient or village friendly.  The government will have to merge the number of students in Std. 8 and 9 with less than 30 students in Std. 8 and less than 50 in Std. 8 in the nearest upper primary schools due to the number of mergers in the nearest school.  Has decided.  In schools where Std. 1 to 8 running Std. 8 classes will be included in the school to be closed, so that the children in this school from the date of receipt of the order, there will be less than 50 in Std.  While in the schools in which the study in these primary schools will have to close Std. 8 to be admitted in the nearest primary school.  In the same way in schools where the responsibility of providing more facilities to more than 50 students in Std. 8 class is merged, the school which is running from Std. 1 to 8 and has the number of students in Std. 6 and 8 and the subject is close to the headmaster.  Will remain.  In a school where the number is less than the upper 50, the standard is merged with the school with a graduate teacher of Std. 6 and 8 in the closed schools of Std. 6 and 8.  The number of students in the schools will have to start classes.  In addition to what remains.  As well as the need for transportation for the children of the teachers of that school is less, they will have to send a proposal to the concerned office by making maximum use of Std. 1 to 8 running in other nearby schools, which will be merged.  Regarding this operation, among the schools which can get Std.  Due to which the upper standard is merged in the schools of the state. Circulars have been issued in many districts of the state and less than 50 students in 8 have come to different districts.  Thus, in order to merge Std. 9 and schools in the schools which have many schools in the state again, the necessary and clear more locks up to the camp will have to be closed.  When which have been ordered.  Following this order, the process of merging the schools which have less work with the schools which have sufficient capacity at present will be started. The schools will have to give the merger of schools in Std.

SANDESH Demand for school work considering the number of children Demand for approval of establishment of at least three teachers in Std. 1 to 5 schools, submitted in writing to the Education Secretary by the Federation of Primary Education T Bhuj (Message Representative) Considering the number of children Std.  Establishment of at least three teachers in Pragya school is required in at least two Std. 1 to 8 schools except primary of 3 to 6, regarding establishment of teacher for three teachers due to classes so that positivity is shown in such school with two teachers.  If it was two or three, then the current transfer camp has come to the Secretary of State for Education in three classes before becoming a teacher and without considering the number of double duties of the headmaster.  R. Patel and General Secretary Ratubhai have been requested to give instructions by the administration of Bhikhabhai, the president of the education department of Gujarat, to consider the establishment of Pragya class teachers due to the Pragya classes of primary education federation of at least three teachers in every school in the state.  M. Gole Education Secretary is not a joke.  So the administrative work is due to the representation in the letter sent to Rao about the number of children in each school. The headmaster has done the school work on the basis of his classes, that in the schools where decision is taken to give proper justice to the primary students of the state, Std.  Has been demanded.

The college will be allotted on 23rd November, after this round there will be no round for vacancies. 4381 students have agreed for admission to the vacant 2200 seats of Government Degree Engineering. Navgujarat Times> Ahmedabad  Admission to the branch is required for instruction to consent to be handed over to that college for certain filling in the colleges.  There were two rounds in Modasa, Degree Engineering.  This is how government engineering came about.  Admission committee members say there are more than 2200 vacancies in government colleges, including Bhavnagar and Palanpur, and an additional 2200 vacancies for government seats in remote areas for admission to government seats.  Was made.  As per the rule, the students who were meeting the deadline for allotment of vacant seats were getting ready for admission.  In these government colleges, the government college has now done the diploma.  4381 not, perhaps the seats allotted to the students seeking government admission in the desired branch were allotted in vacant degrees.  Has been given so far.  Is important.  This round has an estimated 4381 for 2200 seats by the next 23rd.  According to the admission committee, the college will be allotted in view of the current situation.  The student has consented.  Double students agreed to pay more by the 25th than the seats to be rounded up for the next vacant seats, the college announced on the 23rd on the basis of merit.  Students who have given two, but the reality is that admission will have to be confirmed.  This will be allocated.  Out of 4381 students who got admission in other colleges in the round, approximately 500 students have taken two admissions in degree engineering which will become vacant after completion of the round.  Not getting what you want.  Because, most will not come.

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