The usefulness of television as an effective means of education is recognized in almost all countries of the world. Effectiveness is found in the study side by its widespread use in education. It is an auditory device through which a child develops the ability to gain experience and knowledge.




With this device the class can be kept alive. · This device can show periodic demonstrations of lessons and educational activities by GIET and BISAG.

  • Learning becomes enjoyable, active and stress-free.
  • The journey of learning becomes a journey of joy.
  • One can demonstrate historical places in a subject like social science while sitting in the classroom.
  • Students in television education are happier and happier than in classroom education. Which is everlasting.

Thus the fruits of television education can be more fruitful than systemic education.



It is not wrong to call today's age the mobile age. Mobile is an electronic device that is readily available everywhere. In today's educational environment the mobile device is a hindrance but if used properly and disciplined it can become an educational device of teaching.

Use of mobile in education: -

Rhymes, nursery rhymes, poems, prayers etc. can be presented to the children through the use of mobile.

Since the mobile has a recording facility, the teacher can use it in the appropriate subject in the class.

In a subject like social science, teacher timeline, global time information can be presented to the class through mobile.

Through the use of mobile, cultural programs, class programs, excursions or photographs, video recordings can be done in the school.

A memory card is a storage device used in a mobile phone with a storage capacity of up to 16GB. A pen drive is a simple device used to store pen information and transfer information from one computer to another. A pen drive is a pen-like structure. Which can be easily kept in our pocket. A pen drive is a storage device in which information can be easily stored. Pen drives are currently available in the market in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB. The invention of the pen drive - Toshiba Company (Japan) in which the teacher can use the pen drive in many ways. When using a pen drive, take special care not to transmit the virus.


Use of pen drive in school: -

A pen drive can be used to store information.

Their knowledge can be updated by presenting information like pictures, video clips, audio clips etc. downloaded from the internet in the pen drive in the classroom. Bookish knowledge alone cannot be limited.

The pen drive can be used to store the school's cultural program, photographs, video recordings, etc., and demonstrate them to other students in the future.

Pen drives can be used more easily than CDs or DVDs.

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