GPsc to fill up a large number of vacancies in the medical field due to the boom of vacancies in hospitals during the Corona period. Postponed government vacancy recruitment treasury opened in Corona: from Nov. Exams Navgujarat time> Gandhinagar from 2030 to October 2031.  Exams In the cadre for which the examination will be taken, 206 posts of gynecologist, program has been announced.  At present, there is an election atmosphere in the last 20 years for 21 sub-physicians, 18 anesthetists, 12 general surgeons, 12 medical colleges and for the unemployed two months and for the year 2011 there is agitation on this issue by associate professors, assistant professors, chemists and Gujarati youth.  The treasure is opening.  171 posts in the administrative branch of the education service, when the motor vehicle was done, the examinations were announced due to the corona.  , Agriculture Officer Class - Rani 3, which was kept unarmed will now be held.  30 posts of PIs coming in the class, Industrial Promotion Officer, overall relief to the complaining youth from doctors to professors in the government.  Manager Finance - Includes 11 different accounts.  Can happen.  These examinations are for candidates from Agriculture Officer to Stenographer as well as Hindi-English Correspondent, Deputy Section Officer - Deputy Considering the number of OMR K.  Based on the recruitment test system for recruitment of hundreds of primary and 3, and 101 posts of Municipal Chief Officer Service Class-3, will be held.  The result of the test and the schedule of face-to-face visits to hospitals in Gujarat at the time of examination corona for Gujarati and English stenographer for 9 and 12 posts respectively as secretarial officer class-30 and secret secretary in Gujarat will be organized.  Vacancies for doctors have been provided by the Public Service Commission.  The Gujarat Public Service Commission of its primary branch doctors and medical college was held to postpone the tests and main examinations.  The program, which is the main test, has also been announced because of the corona by the recruitment of a large number of professors of those tests (GPSC).  In which the probable outcome and its implications are to be made.  Following the situation created in more detail, for the year 5-6-2018 and also the month of face-to-face interview in January, on the website of the public GPSC, all the recruitments that have been done during the primary 2020 after the public 2020.  In which November is done.

Parents will write a letter to the principal for a certain amount of tuition fee નિર્ Aso pointing out that the Federation of Parents can collect.  Has all come through.  The Common Draft FRC has fixed the fees of the schools by preparing and sending various fees to the parents.  In addition to feminine fees, session fees, library fees, experiment Navgujarat time> Ahmedabad school fees, gymkhana fees, caution money, examination fees, entrance fees, yoga and physical education fees for parents in state schools are included.  So now the parents do not know the amount on the issue of writing a letter to the principals of certain schools regarding the tuition fees.  Schools will ask parents for clarification.  Giving the amount of school fee committee tuition fee.  The fee fixed by the department includes, among other things, the fees stated in the letter. In fact, all the parents working in the school have been asked for details about the names of the teachers, their studies and they have been asked since April 2020.  In addition, the school management committee has also sought the details of the payment by October 2020. The details along with a certified copy of all these salaries will be sought within seven days.  Giving details in the letter.  Right to Education has been written.  It has been stated that, according to the information received by the school under the Academic Year 2020- Act, the School Management Committee of Parents Assoc.  A Common has prepared a draft with the names and designations of all the concerned members of the state in 2017-2020 and sent it to all the guardians asking for a detailed certified copy to be fixed by the Fee Regulation Committee.  All the 5% amount of the tuition fee in this draft has come.  Based on these details, the parents have asked the schools to pay the fees to the self-reliant schools from the parents within seven days.

College could not be allotted to 350 students in pharmacy due to non-appearance of NEET marks.  In which 15 students registered.  Merit list for these students will be announced on 9th.  Importantly, despite the registration of 30 students who had given Knit in the first round, Knit's marks have not yet reached the admission committee and they have not been allotted a college.  A similar situation is likely to arise in the second round.  In the first round, 3 seats are vacant in the pharmacy.  Students, including those who have passed the supplementary examination in the second phase in pharmacy, were instructed to re-register between 12 and 19.  Currently 14 students have registered.  Importantly, both the students who have given Gujkat and Knit in the pharmacy are registering.  In the first round, there were 20 students who registered on the basis of net.  The college was allotted to the students who had given Gujkat, but they were not allotted the college as the marks of Nit did not come.  This year, 31 seats have been reserved for NIT students.  Forty students have registered for these seats but the college has not been allotted in the first round due to lack of marks in NEET.  Now, if the marks of Nit do not come by the next 8th, the situation has arisen that the college will not be allotted to these students even in the second round.

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