Seating arrangement has been arranged in the school. For the remaining students in Gujarat University, additional examination of the third phase will have to be taken from today. The rest of these could not pass the exam. Similarly for these students online by the university now University Navgujarat Samay> Ahmedabad exam is also taken by tomorrow from 26th to 3rd some students have started the stage examination for different reasons and Gujarat University has been able to give the exam itself. The examination department had submitted that it will not be held from 26th tomorrow. Thus, according to the official, K.S. All these students will be sitting in the additional examination online and offline exam school till 5th November. Separate arrangements have been made for students who do not appear for this examination. All students are registered. Exam result has been declared. Students who have also been issued hall tickets to take additional exams have been announced to take the offline exam just before the university announced it at the time. The students who came despite the number had 23 in the examination department. There were many in the meantime. There were students who did not get offline and online hall tickets or took out 350 subject question papers in the faculty who would not be able to download the exam online after completing both the exams themselves. The results of the exam will be announced in November or at the end of the special arrangements for the students who have the exam by the Corona department at their home. They have been arranged to be able to take the exam due to being infected. Thus, from 26th, the university had earlier stated that it was not available online. The additional 23 and offline exams taken till the 5th to start the re-registration came online after the offline exam. In which question papers of a total of 350 subjects were taken in more than 825 examinations. The exam of this exam was taken but the students applied. Will be extracted.

Online form for admission in MPhilip can be filled till November 1. Finance meeting at the university today.  D.  Outstanding salaries of non-teaching personnel in Sharmadi in the shabby center of entrance examination;  Decision of two new courses in Economics The decision will be taken to start sourcing from Rajkot State Aid Course from the State Government.  Due to a technical defect in the grant of Rs 3 crore at Saurashtra University on Monday, Ph.D.  Online Sherman process for admission without permanent recruitment after meeting d.  The issue of clutter in the entrance examination will be in the center from October 8 instead of the 30th day after the contract based workers work.  There are only 12 students.  However the salary payment fund grant started.  Which will run till November 1.  However, instead of sitting online at home, the budget spent on making leuellzul admission.saurash exam from self-financed to be questionable has gone up to minus one lakh in answer key spam to the students with the budget spent on Rs.12.5  So that.  Then M.C.Q.  It has been decided that the salaries of 12 non-teaching staff will be paid for the entrance examination and YVA / Voice in case of insolence of sending Bayes.  Not done and the process in Arthashastra Bhavan Each Bhavan President will have to take out two new courses of Firm de Grant in Tourism in his own way in Pharmacy Bhavan.

Corona's condition does not improve further as both boards start examining the possibility of taking the exam back CBSE - CISCEG GÌSoil yalau Two months likely to be postponed? The curriculum has also been reduced with this plan instead of February 8. As a result, students will start their academic session from July. Examination of both boards It has been announced to take board examination in the month of May in 90% of the states as compared to the existing syllabus. Apart from this, the CBSE and CISCE boards have also made preparations to take back the exams and hence the exams have been given due to this. Probably they will also arrange the exam in May 2021. Preparations for this will help students. However, the results will be announced by Navgujarat Samay> Ahmedabad by the end of June after the completion of the examination in May in the board position. No new academic session has been announced in schools since July. But will begin. Thus, in all the three boards, including the Gujarat Board, this time in April - the Central Board of Secondary has started working in this direction, it seems unlikely that the academic session will start from this month. Education (CBSE) and Council have come. The new session was to start in Gujarat in April this year. But it could not be implemented this year due to lockdown. However, the CBSE and CISCE boards for the Indian School Certificate are unlikely to implement it next year. The Board of Examinations (CISCE) exams are likely to be held in February and the next exams will be postponed for one and a half to two months. If, the board was introduced to take. The state education minister has started preparations to take the board exam. However, in this regard, the board has yet to conduct the examination as per its scheduled schedule on the basis of which the examination has been conducted by the board in May 2021 instead of March 8. No official announcement has been made due to the Corona epidemic. Yoj had announced that in the current situation, the students would come back from day one to 20 days. The schools have been closed for the last seven months. The Delhi government has been writing a letter to the board asking them to take the exams in February when the curriculum is available. In addition there have been many at present. The reduction has also been announced. That was going to be very unlikely. After that, the board was able to start schools in the states in this direction. It is noteworthy that the Gujarat government has not started considering taking the exam in May 2021 as the schools of Gujarat board have been started. So that the students can take the exam, even after the examination of the Board of Education, the kind of planning is being done for the students to come for study. As the board is not in a position to take the exam in May, it has made preparations to take the exam back. Adequate preparation time will be available.

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